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Specializing in Individual Counseling, Women's Concerns,
and the Treatment of Anxiety, Grief, Loss, and Panic

900C Lake Street, # 2
Ramsey, New Jersey 07446
(856) 993-2814

Additional Location
6 Kings Highway East
Haddonfield, New Jersey 08033
(856) 993-2814

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I offer both in-person and telehealth sessions for residents of New Jersey and Pennsylvania,
as well as telehealth sessions for residents of PSYPACT states.
To find out if your state participates in PSYPACT, click here.
PSYPACT is designed to facilitate the interstate practice of psychology via telehealth.
I also offer in-person sessions to residents of New York who are able to come to New Jersey for services.

Are you ready to make the changes
that will let you live the life
that you were created to live?

Consider Counseling

For more information,
or to schedule an appointment,

(856) 993-2814

Deborah J. Armstrong, Psy.D.
NJ Licensed Psychologist # 35SI00418900

Counseling may:

increase your ability to relax and experience peace,

help you learn to better understand yourself and others,

remove inner obstacles to realizing your dreams,

improve your ability to build the kind of relationships you want,

strengthen your ability to grow through loss,

support you as you rebuild your life after losing a spouse,

encourage you as you establish yourself after relocation,

provide tools to help you transcend challenging job experiences,

reduce the risk of burnout, and

offer relief from troubling memories.

Are you ready to take charge
of your thoughts and your choices?

Choices lead to outcomes,
and you can become a lot more effective than you have been.

Are you ready to move beyond simply "coping"?

The self-paced, online course, Beyond Coping,
includes 6 audio sessions,
and the eBook with the same title.
Learn how mastering negative thoughts reduces distress levels,
and discover how two evidence-based therapies approach the treatment of trauma.

Cost is 100.00 for the course, plus tax.
For more information, or to enroll,
click here.

Sometimes a first step in healing is learning to know ourselves better.
For a FREE online personality test,
click here,
then follow the directions to learn more about your own personality.

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